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Arnold Schwarzenegger – 69 Years Old | Age Is Just A Number

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 69 Years Old | Age Is Just A Number

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – 69 Years Old | Age Is Just A Number
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– Alan Walker – Force [NCS Release]

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  • brian wills

    I am 66 and I push dumbell weights every day and can do press ups ( push ups ) , on my finger tips , on a concrete surface . When I was at high school we had a real tough physical education teacher who told us that he trained the Commandos in England during WW 2 . Retiring age was then at 60 and I caught up with him when he was working in an abbotoir handling wool , at age 70 . He had lost half the fingers off both hands in an industrial metal press , but was still working . He invited me to his home where he had bench press weights set up , and he was doing this at seventy . He wasn’t very tall either . Where are real Men like this these days ?

    • brian wills

      Way to go , Vern . Stay alert and aware . Keep up the good work , buddy . Woe betide anyone who thinks that older guys are push overs . And by heck are there some rampant trolls on the internet , I ignore them as much as I can .

    • Vern Trex

      brian wills yeah like colonel cuntface…hahahahaha…sorry brian couldnt help just rolled out…lol

    • Vern Trex

      Colonel Cunnyflap when you are our age and ur a fat stinkin piece of garbage you will will know….you ignorant fuktard

  • selfie kroos

    He wrestles with a midget to avoid showing how short he is.

    • Balin's Bane

      selfie kroos
      Well those two actors were like over 7′ tall lol

    • selfie kroos

      When Arnold was on horse juice, he was so massive, he looked taller than he was.

    • Rocy Riz

      u look shorter when wider. not the other way around. also yes. he was listed in 81 as 6’2

    • selfie kroos

      6’1 tops

    • Vern Trex

      Rocy Riz i went to the world games in2003 for martial arts&the arnold classic in columbus ohio.
      i had just taken the bronze in forms.he passed right in front of me,just a few feet,was shocked at his height.he barely looked 6ft.always thought he was 6ft6.stallone was there too but i made no attempt to see him.was too busy with people from my school competing there.4of us

  • Chief Lawyer

    came here to see the thumbnail ,wtf video ended still cant see arnold topless :@

  • ArticleReader Randy

    looks like arnold is TESTing his limits

    • manatime66

      This guy knows what’sup.

    • JC3 232369

      of course, he’s an terminator

    • Martin Racioppi

      Ian Davison

    • Cal Calington

      ArticleReader Randy hes trening as hard as he can.

  • Mr Tinfoil

    Yes age is just a number hehehhe

    • Michael Horsey

      +Oppan 😂😂😂😂😂

    • TheMastergabe

      Mr Tinfoil numbers don’t matter as much as what is left of the person

    • clungebuster420

      Mr Tinfoil why do I get the feeling your thinking of something else when you wrote that 😂😂😂

    • FinPastaBowl

      oh, look! it’s the 50 yrs old guy who wears a trashbag on his head and has a crush on leafy!!!

  • Ivan Ilic

    Real man will cry when this legend leave us… 🙁

    • Ghaffa EUW

      @John Hofmann. Man in his nature is greedy. You know you would also be at least tempted to do immoral things for some wealth and fame. And if you think you are not even tempted then you are delusional. But bear in mind. My comment was not personal and also I do not think that Arnold is a saint. Just trying to introduce some different perspective to your world view.

    • John Hofmann

      Ghaffa EUW Umm…actually…no. Delusional is thinking that all people would do immoral things (like killing people) to gain fame. Wait…scratch that. Actually…that’s called a psychopath.

    • Ghaffa EUW

      Everything has a price.

  • Pin o

    It’s really good to see Lou Ferigno and Arnold working together.

    • Zahid Hussain

      it’s franco columbu not lou

    • awnold1

      If you have watched ‚pumping iron‘ you know how cool it is to see them training partners again…

    • Fright Foo

      Pin o Lou can do without the bully Arnold

    • Nite Explorer

      Arnold an old fart and a nut case

  • Yeer-Buddy

    7000 guys dont respect old people

    • Fright Foo

      Yeer-Buddy i dont support a guy who has affairs, uses people, smokes, drinks, takes drugs AND is supposed to be a Healthy example for others.

    • k Mitchell

      yeah You have Some Folks that Just HATE!! Nothing about this Video that should have u hitting the Thumbs down button

    • Divvs

      its because of thee clickbait not arnold dumbshit

    • War and War

      7000 guys hate the guy that uploaded the video.

  • Heather Watson

    Well, no, age is not just a number, I’m sorry to say. Arnold looks and probably is healthy but he once was the finest bodybuilder on the planet. As one ages, a number of things happen. The metabolism slows. There is a natural loss of muscle mass. A person can maintain or actually gain muscle mass if he was not exercising and then initiates a workout program, but all things being equal, muscle is lost through the years once a person is around 50 years old. Other things such as tendons and ligaments stiffen and become less flexible. Once in middle age, eat properly and exercise to fend-off the aging process as much as possible, but everyone alive will discover that „age is just a number“ sounds good, but the reality is something different.

    • Brennan Murray

      When someone says age is just a number they mean don’t let ur age restrict you

    • SkullCrusher 6025

      can you stop? you don’t get the point at all, the whole point of that is saying even if your old anything is possible.

      P.S there is a video of a very old man who does parkour and another old guy who is ripped, search it and stop saying these stuff.

    • Heather Watson

      The point I was making was that no, anything is not possible. But that is true even if you are not old. I actually saw a video about that very thing on YouTube. It was done by Mike Rowe, the guy who does the TV show The Dirtiest Jobs. He stated that it annoys him when he is watching some televised singing or dancing contest and the winner holds up the trophy and gleefully proclaims, „This is proof that anyone can succeed if they try hard enough.“ That thinking is a recipe for disappointment. The moral of the story is: give it your best and be satisfied with the results. And, I am sorry to say, both the effort, and the results, might have to be adjusted for age.

    • Brennan Murray

      Age is just a number is a saying

  • Disabler

    „Age is just a number“ sounds like something a pedophile would say..

    • Quacklified

      This comment. Sounds like what an idiot would write.

    • Disabler

      come on dont be like that..

    • Ian Davison

      Same to you. You know that’s not what anyone meant, so why bring that up?

    • Disabler

      +Ian Davison
      Age isnt just a number, it tells you how old people are..

  • tristan vander-molen

    what is amazing he was huge know its all gone.

    • tristan vander-molen

      Connor don’t swear at me all I was saying how huge he was then.

    • Doctor Strange



    I was going to put this video in my power point but from 1:04 the music changed and it ruined the whole video.

    • drb137ify

      you think the creator cares that you cant use this video for your own personal gain? some people are just TOO daymn entitled

    • OR_ELSE

      That’s not the point. The point is a lot of people think that song ruined the video and maybe in the future he will know what kind of song to put in a video.

  • Nite Explorer

    they have to dye their hair lol reald health brings back the color

  • The Berean

    You can’t fight old age try, try but it will get ya! You ready?

  • Elijah Thomas

    8215 people are t-1000’s

  • Neno Mhmod Nnnnenno

    love you . 😍😍

  • 999YORK

    Spiritually??? Arnold????

  • Dario Mendoza

    most humans at that age are ready for the nursing home but not him he still looks ,strong!!!

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