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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Training – No Pain No Gain 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Training – No Pain No Gain 2013

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Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER : the best body the world has ever seen
Bodybuilding Training Motivation Video 2013 … Now Go Hit The GYM ! NOW!!!

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  • Saad Planet

    one day i will become just like you

    • schwartzy65

      Vitor Fogaco steroids dont grow your muscles… they help to recover much much faster so you can train alot more… and steroids were legal in the 60,s plus they didnt have medical companys sponsorin and making new stuff for them…

  • Dracula Reloaded

    the reason why his body is still the most beautiful of all bodybuilders are
    1: no veins outside to scare you …
    2: no tattoos , clear body
    3: not over muscles , proportions are perfect .
    4: V shape , chest muscles are wider and more prominent than biceps. most modern day bodybuilders lack this proportion.
    5: slim legs ; bulky legs will give the look of a fat man …
    6: perfect height …

    • Nathan Drake

      Dracula Reloaded exactly mate!

    • Roman Hamm

      Dracula Reloaded 6 is a bit off. But he did build his body to compliment his height

    • David Fitzgerald

      Dracula Reloaded you forgot to mention steroid abuse 😉

  • Clorox Bleach

    pure bodybuilding no bubble gut no bullshit…..jst crystal pure hatsofff………..Arnold is a true gem of bodybuilding…..

  • GodKing S

    Here we are 40 years later and no one has come close to this physique!

    • Ali Helmy

      Vitor Fogaco Rip beautiful bodybuilding

  • BusalSharif

    i can’t stop watching this video every day it’s so inspiring and beautiful

    • Chen Hanz

      yes.. me too.. this video give me inspiration every day with a good backsound very powerfull and touching..

  • DamnTakes

    I’ve been coming back here to this same video every single week for the past 3 years, so thank you THANK YOU to Austrian Oak for uploading it…. You have no idea just how much this 1 video has changed my life for the better… I fight my depression, my downs, etc, all the time.. Sometimes I feel as though I’m losing, but right now, today, in this emotional moment…… I FEEL LIKE A WINNER!.. Now time to workout!

    • jovy fuentecilla

      DamnTakes go go go go

  • wilhard45

    Least you think he is some shrimp compared to the bodybuilders of today let me tell you a story. Mr. Schwarzenegger used to eat at a local Deli in Santa Monica called Fromens. My buddies and I were on the way out and there was Arnold sitting in a booth. His shoulders were nearly as wide as the entire table. He was massive. I was not a small guy at 228 lbs and I felt totally inadequate. As we went by I said „grüß Gott“ which is a common greeting in Southern Germany and parts of Bavaria. He had a slightly shocked look on his face I imagine not expecting such a greeting. He said hello (or hallo) not sure which as the three of us walked up to the cashier to pay for lunch. Never will forget the massive size of him in that Deli booth.

    • pontish pärsbrant

      my dream is to meet arnold schwarzenegger

    • Ali Helmy

      wilhard45 If that’s Arnold your talking about what about Phil Heath 😳😳

  • TecnoX


  • Siddhant Patil

    this background music inspire me

    • Chen Hanz

      yes.. this background music is very powerfull and get inspiration

  • Jacob Bastian

    legend has it that a woman could become pregnant by just looking at Arnold due to the high levels of testosterone.

  • Truth Reigns Forever

    ARNOLD is THE TRUE KING“. Let me say to a lot of you, especially the millennials: „COLEMAN and HANEY HAD TO STRUGGLE TOOTH and NAIL TO GET THAT EIGHT OLYMPIA!!! THEY PUKED as THEY PASSED THE FINISH LINE, so to speak. These two devoted their „LIFE’s ENERGIES“ to beat Arnold’s record by one ☝️. Would you think of that for a moment? ARNOLD NONCHALANTLY WON 7 Mr OLYMPIAS. He won the 6th in 1975, and the 7th in 1980, AFTER a FIVE YEAR HIATUS of ACTING ARNOLD WON an 8th Mr Olympia! What bodybuilder could win a 6th Olympia, then come back 5 years afterwards to claim a 7th? Would anyone answer that? Why, thank you 😊!!! Arnold won 7 Mr Olympias while blowing his nose 👃with one hand, and barbell in the other. Anyone with a little common sense knows Arnold should of won 12 to 14 Mr Olympias if they’re honest. If this was all Arnold could do ( like Coleman and Haney) or all he had was bodybuilding, he’d been a 14 time Mr Olympia Champ. If you put Coleman and Haney back via time machine, sure they’d beat Arnold! No doubt! It would be the same if you brought back in time future champs against Haney and Coleman. As steroids get better in time, so will the champs (roid gut excluded)

  • Good Boy

    his transition from one pose to another is flawless

  • Chuck Norris

    His body is the type that a game developer cant even edit his body in a game
    An animator cant create it
    Its just once in a life time he is a guy who understood the sport not memorize it from the internet

  • Shaneyalam Khan

    Arnold is the best

  • Anie ß

    Respect sir u r God of Body Building…💪

  • Aesthetic Gladiator

    great genetics with insane hardwork and passion =GOD

  • APOLO 84

    22/04/2017 BRASIL

  • MasterKamil01

    This is beautiful.

  • giengiorgio giorgettini

    no steroids no gain

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