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Day Trader Documentary – A day in the life of a multimillionaire forex trader

Day Trader Documentary – A day in the life of a multimillionaire forex trader

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  • Matt Lawson

    This is such a terrible life.

    • some one NAME VALENCIA


    • ML8593wy

      Not for him he loves it …

    • jalonso121

      Forex isnt for the weak… I only watch charts for like 2 hours a day 3 days a week and make consistent profits. This is life at its finest buddy.

    • Arturo Alan Baldenegro

      Poor guy, i bet having all those millions must be so terrible!

  • John Doe

    all those monitors. so excessive.

    • sessy33

      he’s a fucking millionaire lmao. You wanna ball hard you GO HARD!

  • Hayden Harris

    This is professional gambling, because this man is guessing all the time. A method of trading, does not stop it being gambling, this is simple logic when it comes to the forex market!.

    • King Infoka13

      +Andy Pandy Never is an ugly word that you shouldn’t use

    • Andy Pandy

      yea good point. lol. I’ve always been a pessimist!

    • Hayden Harris

      Even being pessimistic will not give you a better chance because you will only observe positive in hindsight.

    • Andy Pandy

      Yea, I like it. Does make sense. Maybe I should try to be more positive!

    • Carmelia Nava

      *Here are just a few of the key secrets inside my INCREDIBLE trading software..>**** >*

  • TinnInches

    So long as that money keeps rolling in, she’ll be by his side.

  • Max

    his order window has a trade size of only 1 lot! I can tell you categorically this guy did not make $50k with such a small amount. unless you believe he caught 5,000 pips, to be precise.

    • TJ Jackson

      Max He placed multiple trades

    • Max

      100 trades each taking 50 pips on average? guessing he has a non-US account? FIFO might become problematic otherwise! 🙂

    • Max

      now now, touchy.

    • TJ Jackson

      Max Idk, he could have easily made that if he got a good return with some leverage on his equity

    • TJ Jackson

      Max Depends on how much equity though..

  • Frank Darin

    Bakaarr kafirrr hidup fpi bakar ahokkk. Jgn kau hina habib kita seraanggg

  • MrSupernova111

    I don’t see a Bloomberg terminal. Means you can’t afford it and are not trading any significant amount of capital. I don’t see the need for 8 monitors either. You can monitor a dozen stocks or more just fine with one or two monitors.

    Stocks on average move less than 1% per day so there is no need for all the monitors and all those charts.

    If you were really good you would write your own algorithms and have them trade for you instead of staring blankly at 8 monitors.

    • Stefan Messink

      This is FOREX not stocks.

  • Dr Dank

    What software is this guy using?

  • Jordan

    I want to know who this guy is talking to and/or what chat room he’s in, sounds like more than half the time he’s making decisions based on other peoples moves. Also, what trading platform/software is he using?

  • jose luis Rodriguez

    7 pips and then he closed it?
    come on I can do that using just my cellphone.

    • Andrew Miller

      How do you think he makes his money? Small pips over and over and over everyday, trading big and small when the trading offices are open and making it happen. Small obvious profit after small obvious profit until you amount to a large bank account you can then drop on Forex and makes a few bucks you made with leverage turn into thousands of dollars you can make with your own capital. Analysis Paralysis seems to keep people down, sometimes the answer is easy and obvious.

  • Getbigordietrying86

    that sluuz is a gold digger!! she just loves money they don’t care where it comes from!!

  • Greg Bartlett

    11:46 Ha, he thought EURUSD would hit the 1.03-1.04 level, never did. Too much emotion for me.

  • Greg Bartlett

    If I’m not mistaken, here’s his myfxbook account … members/FXViperTrading/fx-viper-live-master-account/616112 Not exactly having one trade open at a time, as you can see he now has multiple EURUSD trades open, some for 3 months!

    • Nick - Making A Million

      Yeah… he’s fallen off the waggon lately. We’ve actually had to replace him with another trader.

  • Lunkyful

    what platform does he use to trade? I’ve been recommended trading view.

  • Hayden Harris

    Are you serious mate! Lol

  • Chris Randall

    Great free fix info from a recognised industry player full free analysis service coming soon.

  • David st. clair

    Good job jeff. You’re a natural. Show them how its done. Love this.

  • Omar Amleh

    This video is BULLSHIT. Reason? This guy relies too much on technical indicators which is bad and inefficient on the long run. They do a great job telling you the probability of where the market will move but some days, or even consecutive weeks, they dont work which will end up in you losing a lot or blowing your account completely.
    Only efficient way is to follow the news and you can use some indicators to verify. ONLY WAY TO MAKE MONEY CONSISTENTLY ON FOREX IS THE SLOW WAY… not 10k in 20 minutes crap, he couldve lost much more than that.

    Also, this guy wouldnt be trading for people if hes really that good.
    I dont see any stop loss lines or even take profit. He just closes the contract when he „thinks“ he should and waits when he „thinks“ as well.
    I see lots of happy emotions, not good.

    • Nick - Making A Million

      It’s not bullshit. But I do agree that the only way to make money in forex is slowly.

    • Andrew Miller

      I have to say his way of trading is very faith driven. Like you said there may not be take profit lines or stop loss lines. But if he gambles and thinks a currency will go up and he keeps himself to a range of pips to stand by so he knows he is making money then he can close a trade really fast as soon as he locks in his pips. I am sure he looks at value trends and tries to ensure he makes a good gamble (as well as listening to news, following twitter, etc). Imagine if you just locked in your profits everytime a currency was at a small peak and made small profits doing so, instead of waiting for a currency to fall in value and hope it will raise again or just not look at it for a few days. If this guy really does short trades, he is at least making many small profits until he amounts to high income which he can use to put back into forex. I do agree for someone who wants to play it much more safe or hold on to trades for a longer run and become more casual should not do what he does exactly. But you should maybe appreciate what this guy has amounted from having faith, gambling well, and being such an active trader.

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