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OptimizePress 2.0 Full Review – Creating A Membership Site (Part 7)

OptimizePress 2.0 Full Review – Creating A Membership Site (Part 7)

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In this video, i set about creating a basic membership site. I create one members homepage, and then two demo content/lesson pages using the OptimizePress 2.0 plugin.

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  • Power Lead System

    Great video. I just got 2.0 and love it so far!

    • SmartIncomeDetective

      Thanks a lot!

  • andrew speksazh

    Thanks for this video. Another video showing how you set up the security and how you send out emails for people to gain access would be very useful. thanks

  • Matthew Morey

    Hi Richard, In my optimize press dashboard I don’t have the blog I only have the dashboard page builder and launch suite like you have in this video. How do you activate the blog? Thanks

    • Benedick Howard

      you need the theme, not the plugin.

  • Misseffortlesslychic

    Thank you for the video, very helpful

  • alison mackenzie

    Thank you so much you have really helped me set up my site -! great job

    • SmartIncomeDetective

      You are welcome Alison!

  • NT Izuchi

    Very helpful optimizepress videos. What is your email address? Can I ask you a few questions there about optimizepress?

    • SmartIncomeDetective

      Hey just go over to and hit me up on there, thanks

  • Lumusphoto

    Hey Richard, just read some great articles on your blog! Quite humbling actually. Love the honesty of your site it is rather refreshing I must say. And I hear you on the whole NICHE pronunciation!  
    Any way I will get to the point, did you have to purchase those template pages for the membership site as I don’t have any of them when I go to the page builder. Nice to see a fellow northerner on youtube by the way lol.

  • Bill Mueller

    GREAT video.  Thanks for posting!

  • Geoff TheGr8

    Is this club pengui

  • davehayesonline

    Brilliant video, great information, clear and conscise. Thanks

  • Gerald Rusche

    Too complicated – too many clicks necessary.

  • Ray Corkran

    Good information, thanks for sharing!

  • Jérôme Guinet

    Thanks mate, it helped me a lot!

  • Privat A

    thank you so much, greetings from germany

  • urosport

    It is very good to try to help people, make sure your language is clear, when you name your tutorials, because when you type: „Creating A Membership Site (Part 7)“ it mean that you have another 6 prior videos talking about the main theme. It is confusing reading your title. It should be : „Creating a membership site (vídeo 1 of ? 2 o 3) bear in mind that english is my second language.


    Thank you and regard from Hamburg/Germany

  • Ed Greg

    How do you add a login page ?

  • Ulrike Selleck

    Thank you so much, Richard! I really appreciate your clarity. For some reason your smart income detective link goes to the optimizepress intro video Are you aware of that? Anyway, thanks so much. Doing everything myself is a bit overwhelming, and this helped.

  • Kody Knows

    This video helped me a lot! Thank you for explaining the tricky parts when creating a membership site! Awesome!!

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