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[Tutorial] How To Build OptimizePress 2.0 Membership Site

[Tutorial] How To Build OptimizePress 2.0 Membership Site

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This video tutorial shows you how to build a 2-tier OptimizePress 2.0 membership site in few simple steps.

You may find the full written instructions:

0:00 – Creating your membership homepage
1:27 – Creating your module page
3:47 – Creating your content page
5:23 – Membership site overview

Hope you find this OptimizePress 2.0 membership tutorial useful.

Here's the newest tutorial on how to set up OP 2.0 with OptimizeMember:

*If you're looking to build an ultraclean OptimizePress 2.0 landing page, you might be interested in this video tutorial:

**Want to see how I build a simple yet elegant squeeze page in 7 minutes? Watch this demo here:

***If you're new to OP 2.0, please visit: to see what this powerful Internet marketing tool can do for you.

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  • Jason Jones

    Better than all of the optimizepress videos put together! Thanks 

  • Live Smarter Not Harder

    Very helpful video. Thanks for spending the time to create it!

  • Rebel Holiday

    Yes, in case you want other feedback, I also would prefer being talked through this without music — and definitely need to be able to go more slowly….you know it, but I can’t catch it that fast…

  • Alfonso Castro

    Good Video, very helpful and the written instructions too

  • Ingrid Blackburn

    Thanks so much – probably one of the most helpful tutorials I’ve found.  You rock! 🙂

  • Michael Tremba

    This was so kind of you-thanks for sharing!

  • Veronika Jüssi

    Thank you – you are a life saver! Out of all the tutorials I found, yours is the only really useful one. I followed it step-by-step and was finally able to set up my membership site.
    I had no problem with the fast pace and the music – I simply paused the video where-ever needed and did that particular part on my own site – and continued watching the video until the next step that had to be done. No slow and boring talk and chit-chat, straight to the biz, lovely.

    • KM Lee

      Hey Veronika, 

      Thank you very much for your kind words. Glad you find it helpful. 

      I’ve shared the written instructions in the video description in case you need it. There’s also another (latest) post about how to configure OptimizeMember and PayPal with OptimizePress 2.0.

      The video tutorials in the members‘ area are useful too (I think is better). Don’t forget to refer to those as well. 

      All the best in your membership site!

  • Malloy Walker

    Hey bro. Great video! And the music is great too …. what is it called ! Where can I get a copy !

  • John Kyle

    Seriously, this helped a ton. Thank you.

  • Julia Hidy

    Awesome video!  You are very precise, thorough, and clear,+KM Lee.  I enjoyed the music too.  Appreciate your taking the time do this for us.  I’ll be checking out your other videos you’d mentioned in the ‚About‘ area.  

    • KM Lee

      +Julia Hidy Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you found the video useful.

  • Brett Moran

    Hey man thanks for the training EPIC SHIZZLE! One question, how do I change the thumbnail for the modules if I never set it when I created the page? PEACE 🙂 

  • Brett Moran

    Just found it!!! BOOM! 

  • The Design Coach Series

    I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks.

    • KM Lee

      Thanks for your kind words. Glad I could help a little.

  • Suresh Kumar G

    Thanks man, the things are pretty complicated for beginners But a video can make it very simpler.

  • Fernando Pontes

    Thanks so much!

  • mauro mirti

    Very nice 🙂 Thanks a lot…can I ask you how to chance the content list order once pubblished ? I’ve seen that you use WP order but I couldn’t understand how to change the order of the published membership contents after they are published under the product. I have a list of 6 contents and I need to reorder them. Thanks a lot

    • KM Lee

      +mauro mirti you can change the order of your pages easily. in your WP Dashboard, go to Pages, then hover over to the page you’d like to reorder and click „Quick Edit“. you can reorder your pages there.

  • Ady L.

    Hi KM, I’m working with optimizePress, but I need some help, Could you help me?, how to put a paginator in module page? Thanks a lot.

  • hydronicrocker

    Thankyou 🙂

  • Chantika Rieny

    nice video, thank you 🙂

  • The Steps Of Entrepreneurship

    Do you know what man I learnt more off you than I did anyone else thank you mate

  • 16/05/2017

    Thanks, great article.

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