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Wix ShoutOut | Email Marketing Has Never Been This Easy

Wix ShoutOut | Email Marketing Has Never Been This Easy

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  • AProudHufflepuff

    can i make one just for fun like…not for buisness?

  • QuickTitan Fighting

    How long has Wix been usable?

  • Petra

    Hi. I did upgrade the website, but I cannot sell items online. For example I asked a friend to buy something from my wix site, just to test it and once it gets to PayPal, it won’t take the money from PayPal, it only gives you an option to pay from a debit card. Please help. Much appreciate it!!

  • pirate heart

    am really big fan of but why every thing is for money

  • pirate heart

    and how can we change the wix icon i dont like it

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